FACILITY ASIA provides a Design Project Management (DPM) package to our clients. The FA DPM can achieve the best possible design & construction deliverable for the specified budget. The critical point of difference is that the Design PM process begins with the target budget and the designer from the outset. All designs are focused toward meeting or exceeding the target budget as well as meeting the aesthetic and functional requirements. The design team also facilitates both the tender and construction phases.

The DPM process provides the benefit of transparency and control. The design package can be tailored to meet a specific budget. The design package can be adjusted during the construction tender to value engineer and price ambiguity can be eliminated. The client is able to deal with one team throughout the process by working with a Project Management team that can provide Design, QS, Mechanical & Electrical and Construction Management services. This is a fee based role and the FA team acts independently.

The process begins with a comprehensive design package, where every finish and detail is designed and documented to the client’s specification prior to tendering. To request a construction price without a completed design package is to leave the door open to unplanned changes which will later affect cost. It is imperative that every aspect of the design is documented and confirmed prior to requesting prices from potential vendors to eliminate variations.

To further value engineer, the Facility Asia design team is able to manipulate design details during the construction tender, to achieve the client’s target budget. A comparison of final tender prices will then be used as the basis for final negotiations with the vendors and suppliers.

A Construction Contract which is locked to a Design Specification and detailed Bill of Quantities ensures clarity of  scope and deliverable.